Thursday, August 1, 2013

My goal

So my personal goal is to write in my blog about something in my life everyday for an entire year.
Hopefully that will get me used to writing everyday and I won't ever stop!
Since I'm a little OCD I needed to wait until the first of the month to post but I'm too impatient to wait until the first day of the year! So here goes nothing!

I've been thinking a lot about blessing and being thankful lately. I've had plenty of experiences to not be thankful for lately as well. However, dwelling on the negative never helped me feel better before so I won't start now! I'm saving that for my screenplay ;-)

I finished my summer class last week! So glad it's over but I had a lot of fun editing videos and junk. I definitely want to do it professionally and some day I will! Right now I am really enjoying spending time with my silly kiddos! Even though they stress me out almost as much as they have fun with me, it's so worth it when I hear them laugh! Like in "Vincent and the Doctor" when the doctor said, "The good things don't alway soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things or make them any less important." 
I may have slightly paraphrased that, but the point remains. I could use that quote for almost any situation! Pretty versatile :-D
Here's a nice picture to bid you goodnight
It's me! In kindergarten! Lol, for lack of a better picture... Good night!

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