Thursday, August 8, 2013

Positively A Good Day

Thursday!! Ever since I've been blogging every day feels a little slower. I can't decide if I love that or hate it ;-)
Today my kids have been asking me when bedtime is every hour since I woke up! At 2pm they got their pajamas on and said, "is it bedtime?!"
Since when have you been thus excited to go to bed?!
Since they made their blanket fort even bigger!
So cute!! 
They added on a "room" for Willow back there next to the window!
Today was kind of relaxing, I didn't have anywhere I needed to go, just stay home and watch the kiddos. We played outside 

And I got to lie down and read the book I found next to trash bins ;-D

I remembered to make an appointment for the counselor at OCC to adjust my ed. plan and get my transcripts fixed.
I checked my grades and I have an A :-D
I got an email inviting me to be an honors student! I have NEVER been an honors student before! :-D so much happy!
Shane got a job interview!! Things are really looking up for us lately and I have got to attribute some if it to a dear friend of mine who taught me through example to always think positive thoughts and just say no to negativity. It totally WORKS!! Hahaha, seriously!
Her and her adorable sisters just started a blog called Show Up For Life
Please check it out, you won't regret it!

Good night!

Peace, love, and positivity!

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