Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday fun day!

Okay, not really. But I did have a really good morning, got to church late but made it just in time to take the sacrament! I keep forgetting to remind certain friends to meet me there :-( next week I'll remember! 
I really loved the lesson in relief society today, sister maher gave a fun and thoughtful lesson about having monkeys on our backs. I never actually heard that expression before, I believe she said its when you have a problem that is weighing on you and causing trouble for you, like being angry with others or feeling guilty or bad habits, etc. I feel like everyone who shared thoughts today had great examples that were so close to home for me. One sister spoke about how she had been angry with someone and it took years of prayer to overcome. Another sister shared that her sister in law had a friend who got frustrated that the sister in laws home was always clean when she visited in spite of her having five children, the sister in law brought the friend up to her bedroom and opened the door to unveil a messy room and explained that was how she could keep downstairs so clean! (I've so been there!! On both ends)
There were many great examples of monkeys on our backs that women have overcome and are trying to overcome, it gave me perspective for some of my "monkeys" as well as gave me ideas for how to rid myself of some of them! I love relief society (relief is an understatement for what it truly provides)
Other than that I had fun learning more about being a family history specialist :-D
I had fun spending time with Shane and the kids this weekend. It's rare I get a whole day with Shane, but when I do it's usually a Sunday.
Feeling lots of love and good energy today in spite of other happenings!
Peace Love Happiness!

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Emily said...

I'm so glad you posted this Sarah! I have missed RS so much because Sean won't stay in nursery. I need to be there! The cake pops look delicious. I can tell your kids are such good friends. I am excited that Shane is Max's sunbeam teacher now!