Friday, August 9, 2013

Freaky Friday!!

Okay, not so freaky ;-P
Definitely busy though!
This morning I babysat a little 2 year old birthday girl! Whose cake I also decorated with a Minnie mouse and posted on my Cake Blog (shameless self promoting!)
When i was decorating the cake I thought it would be simple and quick, it was supposed to be simple and quick! But my dumb computer wouldn't recognize my printer over the network and it took hours of me trying to hook it up again before i decided to just take my HP touch-pad and tape a piece of wax paper over it to trace the pic of Minnie mouse i found online with frosting! It was tricky since its a touch screen and kept messing up, but i was only 30 minutes late for the party, so no big deal! lol. Everyone loved it and  I was satisfied :-)
The party was fun and relaxed, we hung out, ate good food, chatted with good people and sang Beatles rock-band! or at least I sang Beatles songs, nobody else seemed too into it.
after the party we headed up to LA to drop the kids off at my parents house and go on a date to celebrate our 5th anniversary of being sealed in the temple! It was so late, by the time we got to my parents house, there weren't very many options of restaurants and we were both too tired to go to the movies, so we headed over to Benihana and had sushi! I didn't even know they had sushi, I thought it was just those crazy table chefs. The sushi was pretty good! Pricey, but worth it to have a fun night out with the hubby :-)
We went to bed late since we were up talking to my bro who watched the kiddos for us (kiddos were still up at midnight when we got back! I will pay him back for that someday...)
Shane and I decided to sleep in the car because there tons of fleas inside and my sisters room smelled like toxic feces.

Peace, love, sushi :-)

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