Friday, August 30, 2013


Well we got here! We are staying at my sisters friends house from the ward here in Phoenix area.
It is sooo nice! I am so grateful for our wonderful members of the church no matter where you are in the world!
I drove the whole way with my mom because Shane decided to stay home at the last minute to work on his dissertation seeing as how his defense is in one week and he's got tons of revisions to make!
He said he got a lot of work done, I know it's a sacrifice to not come to baby Kahanas blessing but it will end up being worth it when he gets his phd.
I drove the whole way, not sure why except that it was my car :-(
I should have pulled over and let my mom take the wheel part way but my dad bought me a coke to keep energized and it worked, even though my mom drank most of it!
So knowing my mom ad my personalities, we did end up getting sick if each other and arguing at the Thai restaurant later because my mom didn't know how to calm the kids down and got mad at me. Meh, I told her if they cared about the mild ruckus (they weren't being any louder than the people talking around us) than they would have spoken to us or brought out our food sooner!
Oh well. 
I was relieved to finally get to the house we are staying at so I could spread out in the bed and enter into a food coma from the pumpkin curry I had at the restaurant but then I got sad that Shane wasn't next to me, so we said goodnight to each other on the phone and I write this lazy blog post to tell you about it...

Peace love and desert thunderstorms 💙

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