Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fail, Win, Rainbow

Okay, I failed pretty bad this time!
I started school on Monday so I ended up being completely too exhausted  to update, so I failed my post every day goal. BUT tomorrow is another day!

Time for too much information!
So Monday, I started my period, got a UTI, started school, didn't have anyone to watch the kids while I was gone, had to take them all shopping for groceries when I got back, stayed up till 1:30 am cleaning our fly and moth infested kitchen, couldn't get to sleep because t body was writhing in pain and I'm sure there was more I am just not remembering.
Yesterday I bought some cranberry juice, and drank a few glasses. Was feeling better. My friend from church offered to take Elijah and EmmaLily for the day so I could go to class. Willow started preschool, Nephi went with Shane to UCI. I reconnected with a bunch of friends from last year and had lunch with my friend Edith! Figured out time arrangements with professors and daycare. Decided not to take on a fifth class this semester.
Basically Monday sucked butt, and Tuesday was awesome so Id says they evened each other out a bit.

Today I woke up with a worsened UTI and had to drive Shane to the airport. It felt like a bladder infection! That UTI spread crazy fast, I was scared it would become a kidney infection so I made an appointment with the dr and was able to give me antibiotics right there. Awesome!
After that I took the kids to trader joes and then Gabrielino park to play for an hour. We got home after 5:30 and saw that Verano was hosting a bike parade, so the kids hopped on their bikes and rode for a while and I enjoyed snow cones and chatting with friends!
I wish I had a photo of it, but my phone was charging! :-(
We came home, had some down time and I gave the kids baths and put them to bed. I hate bedtime routine. They never ever stay in bed. They stay up all night keeping each other up then they wake up early when I don't want them to, and sleep in when we have somewhere to be in the morning!!
Hoping I can get some cleaning done before we have to leave for Arizona!
 Oh! And I finally dyed my hair with a nice little rainbow streak! It's actually smaller than it looks in these pics, I flattened it so you could see all the colors!

Peace love and rainbows!

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