Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Today I woke up to my kids trying to turn on the tv and not being able to find the right remote for it. We have like six remotes! Not including video game controllers!! Yeesh, so I got up and said no tv. We ate a big salad together 
and played outside! 
Walked with our neighbor to the garden and helped pull weeds and water her plants. Then we hung out there trying to figure out what the bleep this thing is
I posted it online and the majority said watermelon... I thought it was, until I cut it open! And I was a little dissapointed but it still tasted good *shrug*!
Then Shane came home early so I could have a moms night out with some fellow homeschool moms! I got to know a bunch of awesome ladies and have a few good laughs that were SORELY needed! I can really connect with these mamas on a personal level so that I feel very comfortable with being myself around them! It's pretty amazing.

Peace, love and cucumbermelon!

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