Friday, August 23, 2013

Bras and Bowling

I thought I would be able to wake up before Jen came to take me bra shopping! But no. I wake up to Nephi saying, "Mom, Jenni's here!" 
Aww crap.
Good thing I took my shower the night before!
Shane, wake up! You're watching the kids!
So we go to Nordstroms and I got fitted by a nice girl who I suppose I forgot to tell we didn't plan to purchase anything because she kept askin what I liked best and I didn't realize she thought we wee buying until she brought me a bunch of different colors! Oh well. I told her kindly "thank you for your help, I'm not purchasing today!"
Anyway, we got some lunch at a fun taco place afterwards. I should not have used the ghot chili sauce! It was so good though!! Then went back to my apartment and chatted while the kids played. 
Then the kids came inside and turned on cartoons and Jen and I fell asleep!! Felt good to nap, except it was so hot inside when we woke up.
I got up around 5pm which was just in time to take the kids to the homeschool group bowling and laser tag event tonight! It was so much fun I want to come back with Shane and some family too! 
Needless to say we were zonked by the time we got home at 11pm!!!
Peace love and bowling!

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