Monday, August 26, 2013

Stressful Sunday

This morning I finally woke up early enough to get to church on time! But then Shane got sick and I had to get everyone ready myself and we didn't have clean shirts for the boys so Nephi had to wear a sweater and Elijah wore an oversized shirt :-( 
I didn't have time to do my own hair so I had crazy space hair for church. Oh and since Shane was sick I had to cover his sunbeams class... Alone! *shudder*
By the time I got home I was so upset I had to shut myself in my room for a while to relax a bit. Mainly because of my own children! The other sunbeams were actually well behaved, it was MY kids who were being stinkers!
Shane put the kids to bed for me after dinner and we had a nice time watching YouTube videos and then a cheesy family movie on Hulu and enjoyed a nice snack together. So all in all it ended up a very nice evening.

Peace love and relax!

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