Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday in the park!

Today was so fun! I am so sad I have NO pictures because my stupid phone didn't charge all night!!
This morning we went to ANOTHER birthday party! this time for a CUTE little one year old :-) a family friend who knew Shane since he was 11 years old!
It was doctor Seuss themed! It was so fun, and so cute! I swear it was Pinterest come to life! We had so much fun playing the games! during "cat cat hat" a play off "duck duck goose" of course, I got chosen to chase and my sandal broke making me fall on my butt! That's what I get for buying stupid 2 dollar sandals!
Then after the games, the kids ran off to the playground at Lomita  park (where the party was) and my friend goes, "Hey, your kids are getting really friendly with that lady with the kittens." and Shane goes, "Hey Sarah, your moms here selling kittens for thirty bucks!" OMG, whut thuh....?
I laugh, it is my mom. I had joked with her that morning about getting rid of the cats, saying she should bring them to the park and give them away! I guess she thought it was a good idea! It worked, she got one taker. One to go!
It was fun being at my old stomping grounds in Lomita. The park seems so small now that I'm over five feet! They tore down the enormous gazebo that my friends and I used to hang out at after school. Which was probably good because that thing was falling apart! They also changed the playground equiptment but other than that it looked the same! They even STILL put out that old tabletop golf game that my brother and I used to play all the time. Pretty sure it was the exact same one!
Anyway, James and I made our mom a gluten free, sugar free, chocolate birthday cake for her birthday tomorrow! I found an awesome recipe that I couldn't wait to try out at Healthy Indulgances with a "secret" ingredient ;-)
Peace, love, birthday cake!!

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