Saturday, August 3, 2013

Up late! It's still Friday in my book

I feel this still counts seeing as how I haven't gone to bed yet!
Shane and I have been binge watching Justified, it's not your average cop show and it's super funny. It just finished its fourth season, and we almost got caught up! We are five episodes into the newest season ad it's only been less than a week since we started the series!! Using I did the same thing with doctor who, downtown abbey and battlestar galactica, it's not healthy!! I never stay up this late! I get this kind of rush from watching tv shows that I really get into. It's nice to be able to transport yourself into these imaginary worlds, I know I could just do that with books but its easier with tv!!!! So there. Also I use it as a learning experience for my future filmmaking, I'm doing homework. That's legit.
In kid news today, we went to the circus!! It was so fun! I LOVED seeing the tigers, they were so ADORABLE! I mean, I feel torn between the fax that it so awesome to see a tiger and elephant hop on their hind legs and the fact that this not only borders on animal abuse, I'm pretty sure the animals get abused. 
Oh we also got to sit in a fancy business suite! How cool is that?! The photos are on Shane's phone otherwise is post them now, but you'll have to wait! Sorry.
Speaking of which, I plugged my phone into the charger thinking ill have it all ready to take photos at the circus and I FORGET IT AT HOME!!! So annoying. I'm kind of glad I did though. I got a bunch of calls that would have distracted me from family time.
Another thing weighing on my mind. I have a friend who is in trouble. Not with the law or anything, I mean she's in constant panic mode. You can't help someone who can't see you're trying to help them, you know? It's like the story of the man who had faith in god that god would save him from the flood, and he kept turning away all the people who came to help him saying,"no thanks, in waiting for god to help me." 
I feel like that's her, sitting on a rooftop letting the flood devour her while everyone around her is offering a hand to pull her up. It's not what she's looking for but it's what she needs. Anyway in case you didn't hear the story before, the man drowns and gets to the afterlife and asks god why he didn't help him stay alive. And god tells him that he did try, god sent people to help him. But he didn't see that because it wasn't what he was looking for.

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