Friday, August 16, 2013

Cardboard, ketchup and softball make for a good day

So yesterday was terrible. I know you noticed I don't post! So I'm doing two posts today.
There were more fire alarm tests.Yippee. I could just hug that fire marshal. Hug him so hard till his stupid eyes pop out I his ugly old head and his brains leak out. Yeah....
Okay, that was morbid, I know, but you try being woken up by a fire alarm  after staying up till 3am cause you needed to spend time with your husband who is always gone writing his dissertation and leaving you home with four children all day every effing day. It gets stressful ya know. Everyone's all like,"dot complain cause it could be worse, you aren't a single mom." Omg I swear if someone compares my life with anyone else I will slap them with a bible. Literally!

Alright, on the story!

So I totally forget my appointment to see the councelor  at OCC until Shane comes home and I'm still in my pjs. He's all like,"You leaving?"
Oh crap, see ya!
So I go in and talk to the fin aid director and he TOTALLY snubs me and I'm all,"That guys rude" to the receptionist and she's like,"Yeah, it's been really stressful around here cause they're changing stuff."
And I'm all like,"Yeah, that's not a good excuse because this is a job where you constantly have to interact with people, you gotta be a people person whether or not you have a bad day. Plus he was rude to me last time."
And she goes,"Maybe it's just his personality then!"
Lol, I laughed and said,"Well this is the wrong job for that!"
That receptionist is really funny. Last time I spoke to her she told me about when she used to ditch class in highschool in the 70s and hitchhike to Santa Barbara to party with the college kids! OMG 

So then I go into my appointment asking about a couple of issues with my transcript and registration and my councelor is all like,"Oh man, this sucks. You better go talk to the dean then, cause there's nothing I can do about this."
WTF. I thought that was part of his job. I guess not.
So then I ask for an Ed plan, which I mentioned i needed several times during the meeting and he goes,"What? I didn't know you needed an Ed plan! I gotta be in irvine in ten minutes. See ya!"

Then Shane informs me that his advisor is not giving any slack and needs the dissertation done by Saturday, so the Ryerson family road trip has now been indefinitely postponed. Or until whenever he defends his thesis or some junk.

BUT just so I'm not a total negative nancy, we did build a hideous cardboard fort

We want to Shane's softball game!

Willow also made herself a peanut butter and ketchup sandwich 
Me: why did you use ketchup? (Trying not to barf)
Willow: we were out of jam.

Okay, pretty much the same thing right?

Peace love and ketchup ;-)

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