Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pie Night!!

I didn't realize today was pie night for uni park ward! I was so excited to have something fun to do to distract me from not going on vacation yet that I scooped up the kiddos and ran to Mothers market to pick up some good pie ingredients! We made apple pie and chocolate haupia cream pie! I also picked up some earth balance sticks so I could have me some butter without getting sick :-)
I could also make vegan cookies and frosting and all kinds of great stuff with it!
Here's a pic of the chocolate haupia cream pie with whipped coconut cream!
I probably should have taken more photos but this was all I could think about!! Lol
The kids had so much fun playing in the stream at the park and I loved seeing all my beautiful friends! I even bumped into a good friend who is the sister of my friend told me all about the Power of Positive Thinking book and is the co owner of the blog Show Up For Life.
I love them! They are so fun and so sweet and such perfect examples of positivity and love as sisters in Zion.
She also took our family portraits last fall!!
So talented!!

Peace, Love and Pie!

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