Friday, May 23, 2008

Elijahs Blessing

Elijah was blessed on March 2, 2008
i cant quite remember what was said, but i know it was great! my aunt and uncle and cousin and his wife, and all my siblings and parents, and my childhood best friend Melanie (who also threw my baby shower) came to see him get blessed. everyone came back to our place afterwards and my parents had brought all this awesome mexican food for everyone. it was great!

Nephis 6th Birthday!!

okay, so im totally late in writing this.
Nephis actual birthday was May 2nd. he gets so excited about stuff its cute. he was telling his friends all week and his teacher, and they made him a crown at school. it was fun!

so his birthday was a friday. i had him invite a few of his friends over to play games and eat cake. even though there were only like six kids there, it was insane!! it was high energy added with sugar and water balloons and eggs...

my family, who was supposed to come early to help me out, ended up showing up just after the last kid was leaving... typical.

anyways, it was okay because it was kinda like he had two parties in one day. they brought him so much stuff! it was fun, he got a lot of science and art stuff, so he will be well rounded!