Monday, October 29, 2012


                     Trunk or Treat!

       Everyone likes Halloween! Getting candy, dressing up, EATING CANDY.... I guess someone liked it so much, that they decided to do it with cars. For the one that went to, I dressed up as Link.

         It was pretty easy to make the costume, but at the same time hard. Almost everyone commented on it. Even my hair! it looked JUST LIKE HIS(I have no idea how he gets his eyebrows over his hair)! When we went outside to trunk or treat, I started at my car, got some pretty good ones, and went to the next car. after I said trunk or treat, the person asked me if I wanted a trunk or a treat. I said, " Ummm...... Triiick... No, trunk... Wait... Treat?" So she just gave me a hot wheels.
           So I kept going on, even though I was very confused. I went around about two more times, and once I got to the car with the "trunks", I said treat this time. I got enough candy, so i just went inside and played(run around, play tag, chuck candy that we don't want at girls, etc.).
            And in no time at all, it was time to go home, and i was already finished with quite a lot of candy.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Nephi Post

Hey, did you ever go to Olvera Street? Because I did. Thurs., June 7Th, to be exact. At school, we were going on a field trip. I was so excited. It's the oldest street in California!!! We were also taking a train! I have never ridden on a train before. When we arrived at the train station, we waited for about 10 minutes. Finally, The train came. I was so excited to go on the train!                                            
             When we got on, It was all wobbly. In fact, there were 2 stories! So, to pass the time, we played on my notebook, talked, and drew. It was still so fun!!! when we arrived, I thought that there would be pigeons on the roof, like my mom said there might be. But, unfortunately, there were no pigeons in the roof. We crossed the street, and boom!!! Look at all those stands!
              There were places were they sold Yo-yos, Wrestling masks, Sombreros, CANDY, jewelry, and even Pokemon Cards! I bought myself a couple of those Pokemon Card packets. Only two dollars for about 57 cards!! In one of them, I got 57 cards with every one that has over 400 HP!!!!!!! That is extremely rare!! We left, and then went over to the oldest house in California. The Adobe Avila!                                
              When we went inside, it looked so old! Ha ha ha ha! In fact, it is about 150 years old! there so many boring and tiny bedrooms. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. SO BORING............. NEXT!!! When we went out of there, we went to go eat some lunch. There were only Mexican places to eat, so we just went to a random Mexican restaurant. Guess what the only things that were on the kids meal; only burritos, tacos, and quesadillas! So we just ate. For an appetizer, we all had chips and SPICY salsa. We ate like 3 bowls of it!
                After that, we went to go see the oldest fire station in California. And this time, it was 140 years old! The fire truck was so tiny! And it was also driven by horses. And, this super duper funny thing, was that there was a FIRE ALARM in the FIRE STATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahhahahah Hahahahahaha! How ridiculous is that? A fire alarm in the fire station. So, that was pretty much all of the fire station, because it was so tiny.
               So, after I did all that awesome shopping super cool things (Except the puppet, which was creepy on SO MANY LEVELS),  I ended up with all of these things: A puppet, 2 arrowheads, a slingshot, 2 packs of pokemon cards, CCAANNDDYY, a coin, and, and, and, that's it.... Well, they were still pretty cool!
                Before I knew it, it was time to go back to the train. We went across the street again, and back into the giant train station. I looked up; still no pigeons. Eh, too bad. we walked to the train, and on the way there, I saw this HUGE MASSIVE fan. Actually, it was only 5 feet tall. Well, I stood in front of it, and it almost blew me out of the train station ( Not really...)!!!
                 When we got inside of the 2 story train, it started going BACKWARDS!!! Every kid on the field trip was all like, " What the heck!!! what the heck is going ON!?!?" It was really weird. So, to pass the time, me and Patrick drew vipers, and traded cards! I ended up with a Zoroark! Zoroarks are just super rare!!! And before  you know it, we are back home! we get out of the train, and my mom drives me home while I play with my creepy puppet.

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