Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2012 update on the Ryersons

This was something i meant to post last year in September 2012, I thought it was funny so I posted it now!

Hi everyone! It's been forever since I've updated because of several reasons. Some selfish and some not. A few are that we moved and my desk top computer has not been set up for three months, it's hard to type this out on my phone, I've been depressed on and off, I don't like reading other people's blogs because most of them make their lives look so artificially great and hardly anybody complains about things or acts like a normal person, and nobody comments on my posts. I follow tons of. Blogs and comment on most of them, but those people are just too wrapped up in their perfect Internet lives to read and comment on my blogs. I know it immature and petty, but I'm not done growing up, so cut me some freakin slack!!
Also, a lot of people don't seem to understand my humor.
Anyway, I'm back and here are some updates!
We have switched apartments yet again! Same complex. Same reason. They are tearing down our other building and that will make it the third time we had to move because our home was condemned! :D
We had to move over the fourth of July! But that's fine because our kind friends thought ahead and knew not to invite us to any of their barbecues so we could get our work done by ourselves! Aren't they awesome?! Im gonna miss them all so much when we move away next year!
Speaking of moving away next year, Shane is now in his last year of grad school. Huzzah! It's been a crazy 11 years of college but there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel! We went through a lot of good times and bad ones, plenty of friends, neighbors and enemies along the way. In fact many who were all three!
Speaking of neighbors and enemies, we are finally away from yet another bad neighbor. In fact, I have met two moms near me that are humble, loving, kind and thoughtful and I never thought I would appreciate those attributes on a person more than I already did before living next to not one, but two horrible sets of neighbors.
But enough about that!
I didn't get any of the classes I wanted this semester! Yeah!.... No I'm not actually happy about that... I'm being sarcastic, only that's really hard to convey through type, as I've learned on many an unfortunate occasion.
Anyway, looks like I won't get my AA this time! I'll just have to transfer again...
No worries! According to everyone older than me I have plenty of time.
Oh yeah, I raised the price of my cakes so I lost a few prospective clients. I had to though, it's too much work now. The demand is getting higher. Which is good, but I work out of my apartment so I don't have enough space anymore now that I've moved! Oh yeah I forgot to mention that our new place has and extra bedroom and negative 90 square feet from the last one! How did student housing manage that you ask? Pure diligence! That's how.
Speaking of student housing, Shane an I ran for the Resident Council this year! For me it's my second time running, I didn't win the first time because I didn't care that much and I hate politics. But this time I won!
Shane won too, so now we are both elected officials of the student housing residents. The plus side is we get paid. The minus side is we have to work a few hours a week. BOO!! WORK SUCKS!! Why can't I just get free money?
Nephi is now in fifth grade away from the horrible half human half demon creature that was his fourth grade teacher, her name is Nedra Kayashima and she should have been fired and replaced with a human teacher thirty years ago, but thanks to the wonderful teachers union she was allowed to torment 9 year olds for generations! And since she is an evil immortal being she will be able to torture 40+ students each year until the reckoning! Thanks California! Another great thing you did for education!
On a side note, Nephi loves 5th grade!
EmmaLily is now in the 2nd grade! She's getting so big! and beautiful! and smart!
Elijah is as cute as ever! saying funny cute things!
Willow has joined Elijah as his partner in crime also being funny and cute!
That pretty much sums up the summer/ beginning of fall!
Thanks for stopping by, nobody! I love you.