Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

This morning we got up late for church, I'm used to it by now... :-(
Got there for second hour in Malaga Cove Ward! I didn't realize the gospel doctrine class moved from the RS room, so I ended up hanging out in library with Brother and Sister Lissy until 3rd hour!
I followed my friends mom into RS since she came into the library to prepare for the lesson she was teaching, she brought in two huge baskets full of prescription "medicine" as a treat for the class!! hilarious and super not child friendly! My husband was mad when he saw me with six medicine bottle full of skittles!
"The kids wont know the difference!"
Don't give them prescription medicine to gobble up and I think we'll be fine.
(I didn't even give them the candy! Its all in my purse, making me look like a junky)
Drug addict jokes aside, it was a really clever little hand out:
(photo coming soon)

That afternoon I took a much needed nap! One of the joys of staying at my parents house. Then instead of letting my mom cook hot dogs for the umpteenth time that week I made salmon, honey dill carrots, red quinoa, lime cucumber ice water, salad and reheated corn on the cob, with the help of my mom, bro and sis. Oh yeah, and a few hot dogs for the kiddos! They are trader joes brand which are an inexpensive healthy hot dog meat with no added nitrites or nitrates! If i was gonna eat a hot dog, it would be that kind.
Then we broke out the adorable cake a made and sang happy birthday to my mom!
Everyone loved the cake! It was super good and you couldn't even tell it was made with black beans instead of flour! Next time I would change the kind of sweetener I used (which was honey and stevia) other than that it was great! I couldn't eat too much because it did have dairy, but a little wont hurt me. Vegan diet to resume tomorrow!! Hahaha, every new day is a chance to start over, right?
My mom loved her cake and my older brother helped her clean up afterwards and I think she was really happy :-)

Later I noticed I missed a call from my friend whose mom gave the RS lesson. I texted her to ask if we could watch the meteor shower from her roof since she lived up on the hill. She said yeah and I took a couple kids and headed over there.
After finally getting the kids situated, I convinced her to leave the cleaning for an hour to come watch the shower with me. And an hour turned into three!! we waited for about ten minutes and saw a tiny meteor and the kids down on the garage roof (which was more of a deck really) oohed and aahed for a little while. Suddenly a large meteor flew across the sky and only my friend and I oohed and aahed and we were both like, "Yep, they're asleep! Hahaha."
So we watched the stars and meteors and chatted about our lives, past present and future. Things are really looking up for us compared to where we were at 15! We've known each other since 8, but when youre 8 theres only so much stupid you can get into! At 15 its unlimited!

Peace, Love and Meteors!

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