Saturday, October 31, 2015


Happy Halloween, loves!

Here is my one week over due photo:

Today we decided to relax and watch the Nightmare Before Christmas:
We went to the neighbors for dinner and to hang out around the fire while the kiddos trick or treated.
It was super awesome to hang out and chat with all the folks on our street, some of whom I haven't spoken to at all or in a very long time! We are so lucky to live in this place :-)

The loot and the organization:

three generations, sleepy and snuggling on All Hallows Eve...

Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Decor and Costumes!

We roasted pumpkin seeds, yum!

The kids got their photo taken by Straw Photography in historic downtown on Main Street during the trick or treat event on October 30th!

Trick or Treating on Main Street

I completely ADORE Main Street in Historic Downtown St. Charles! Its a little downtown area filled with old and some historic buildings, cute small businesses, and beautiful homes! Every Halloween they have a trick or treating event (that doesn't interrupt normal trick or treating). The kids LOVE to go get extra candy on Main Street from the vendors, businesses, and even the firemen and police hand out candy and treats!
We met up with some good friends and walked up and down several blocks! I thought it would be enough to put me into labor but I was wrong :-(

That night Shane and I had a little date, thinking it would probably be the last time we could go out alone for a very long time!
At Target we found Shanes costume....

Then we wanted hot chocolate and ended up at the Chocolate Bar in old town Cottleville. Its a super hipster joint with gourmet drinking chocolate. I told Shane we needed to take selfies with our super fancy coco! It was super delicious, although we would have been fine with something less fancy.

It was a pretty fun day, all in all, and I am getting more and more excited/anxious for baby to come join in on all the fun!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Girls Spa Night

We went to a random little nail salon and got our nails done, so we could have pretty toes and fingers for Halloween and for when the baby comes! I also got a really nice foot rub. Mom got her feet rubbed too, but it wasnt quite what she wanted/needed.
Willow had a blast, superman painted her nails and she said she wants to come here every single day! lol Its a little pricey for EVERY day, but maybe we can work something out...

Sorry the final pic is so dark, bad lighting and I forgot to turn on the flash, oh well...

Good News!

All your positive thoughts and prayers have paid off! our insurance finally cleared things up and got back to the birthing center and told them that home birth is indeed covered under our plan and we dont have to pay extra! I am so happy I could CRY!
Now I need to concentrate on getting her to want to come out. So lets keep those prayers coming, loves!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Wednesday October 28th

My mom treated me to one of my new favorite restaurants after my Midwife appointment this day! Gingham's diner or whatever its called. The food is home style and DELISH. I am sure its super unhealthy, but its a special treat :-)

Before the food came, she ran out to the car to see if there was a jacket and came back in wearing this:
So thats where I get it from, in case you didnt know! I love my Mommy.

After school, work, and dinner we took the pumpkins inside and carved them! This is one of my all time favorite Halloween traditions ever. The smell, the feel, the art involved. Its such a fun family bonding experience.

Still no baby, I was hoping the full moon would help guide her out! My mom has been here for two weeks now, since we didn't know if she would be early/on time/ late we had to be prepared. now I am feeling a little over prepared!!

I truly appreciate those of you who are thinking about us and praying for us and sending positive thoughts our way. I can feel it helping me and calming me. I love you all!