Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesday October 28th

My mom treated me to one of my new favorite restaurants after my Midwife appointment this day! Gingham's diner or whatever its called. The food is home style and DELISH. I am sure its super unhealthy, but its a special treat :-)

Before the food came, she ran out to the car to see if there was a jacket and came back in wearing this:
So thats where I get it from, in case you didnt know! I love my Mommy.

After school, work, and dinner we took the pumpkins inside and carved them! This is one of my all time favorite Halloween traditions ever. The smell, the feel, the art involved. Its such a fun family bonding experience.

Still no baby, I was hoping the full moon would help guide her out! My mom has been here for two weeks now, since we didn't know if she would be early/on time/ late we had to be prepared. now I am feeling a little over prepared!!

I truly appreciate those of you who are thinking about us and praying for us and sending positive thoughts our way. I can feel it helping me and calming me. I love you all!

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