Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday night

Tonight it was just me, mom, and Willow.
EmmaLily is at a sleepover birthday and the boys were at the Fathers and sons camp out with the guys from our church!
So we went to the dollar tree for home birthing supplies and birthday gift stuff. Willow was super excited about being invited to another party this month! 
She had this elaborate plan for the gift! As you can see, it turned out perfectly. Can't wait for tomorrow! SO stinkin CUTE!
After the store we ate pizza and watched a curious George Halloween movie. Took a shower. Finished wrapping the gift. And watched her favorite tv show (Wild Kratts) so basically the best night ever for her.
I'm going to have an empty bed and toss and turn all night, hopefully not go into labor while Shane is gone, and try to get a full nights sleep!

We still haven't gotten an answer from the insurance company about homebirthing, but hopefully it will all work out how it's supposed to.

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