Monday, October 12, 2015

Getting ready for Baby!

We have been spending the last few months collecting a preparing for our new baby girl.
 I have been searching Craigslist, baby isles at target/Walmart/etc for clearance items, thrift stores, etc. looking for and usually finding great deals on baby stuff. I have been painting any furniture white to match my bedroom (baby will sleep with us for a while, I can't stand to have my babies far away at night!) and hope to have at least one big piece, that I am collecting tomorrow night, painted professionally.
We bought the stroller/carseat combo, it's coming in the mail Thursday the 15th! I'm nervous since its cutting it really close. One of my due dates is the 16th (according to last period) the one I give people is the ultrasound due date which is the 24th. But it could even be a week or so after that! I feel like she will come before Halloween, though.
 You are welcome to make a guess when she will come! I'll email you a little prize if you're right!
We also bought my mom a plane ticket last month, so that I could rest assured she will be here to help! I've always lived so close to home when having babies before that I never really needed her to stay around longer than a week. I have a wonderful ward Relief Society that would help me if I needed it, but there is nothing like having your own mom there, even if she doesn't do the dishes for you 😜
Here are a few sneak peeks at the baby's corner of our room!

And here is her belly cast that Shane and I did last week!

It's hard not to get excited after putting everything together!

One more thing: we are waiting to hear back from our insurance about home birth being covered, please pray for us/ send good vibes/ etc. other option is birthing center, which isn't so bad, but if this really is our last baby it would be a huge blessing to have another home birth!

Thanks for reading, friends! We love you! Feel free to come visit baby if you're in St Louis area :-)

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