Saturday, October 24, 2015

Due date

The last few days have been busy and tiring, yet very fun!
We raked leaves... Only to have the ground covered again the next day!!

This is what we did for family night ☺πŸ’•

We found all the pieces to the kids Halloween costumes!!

We got Booed! If you haven played this game before, do it now! Google search "boo game instructions" you won't regret it :-)

Willow had a Girl Scout Halloween party, the next night was Girl Scout trunk or treat! Then EmmaLily had a hayride for her troop on Saturday!

Friday night my mom and I took the boys to historic Main Street for the pumpkin glow. It was fun! Shane took willow to the trunk or treat and we dropped off EmmaLily at a birthday party! That was a crazy night.

Nephi got a ton of people asking for his photo! He was proud that so many people loved his costume :-) I was proud of how well he stayed in character!!

Today is baby's due date!

After going to lunch with an awesome long time friend (I am sad I forgot to take a selfie with her!), I watched Shane play soccer in his companies tournament! Unfortunately they lost a bunch, but it was fun being reminded of how sexy and athletic he isπŸ’• LOL

I wore these jammies to the ward trunk or treat tonight, and my pumpkin hat! Mom was a witch, Shane wore his superman hoodie and the kiddos were all the same costumes as above (I didn't get a pic of EmmaLilys vampire costume yet! I need to do that because its super awesome and goth)

And just for fun, my mom modeling Edwards hands:

And tonight we will read scary stories before bed! I love Halloween πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

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