Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday, what a day!

Today was crazy but fun. 
Dropped Willow off at a birthday party, picked EmmaLily up from the sleepover, picked up Elijah from home and went garage sale-ing for a rocking chair (and FAILING to find anything) then just went to once upon a child consignment store and found Elijah a Halloween costume! 
Then, instead of going home for lunch we went to old town and ate at a yummy cafe. We walked up and down Main Street then went into the book shop to see my friends mother during her book signing! That was fun, to talk to her in person, she's an amazing person and I will add a link to her site soon! Her book is called the Throne of David and I can't wait to read it!
We went home and relaxed then had dinner. Shane got sick and fell asleep, so I baby'd him a bit and have him medicine and turned on the humidifier and got him some Vicks and cough drops. I'm such a great wife lol. I hope he gets better soon, I can't have him sick while I'm in labor!
Tucked the kids in bed then went to Walmart with mom to get ice cream for tomorrow. Got home around midnight thirty and I'm finally in bed.

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