Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tuesday October 27th

My mom and I made homemade apple pie...
And rustic bread (only three ingredients!)

After a dinner of bread and homemade soup (yum!) Shane took Nephi to scouts and EmmaLily to activity days Halloween party combined with the cub scouts! They had a ton of fun, EmmaLily won a cake in the cake walk (again! she also won on Sunday!) Mom and I were watching Edward Scissorhands with Willow and Elijah, when we got a knock at the door! It was all my Young Women they came to do a reverse Trick or Treat!! They gave me a sweet card and a bag full of treats! They were disappointed to find I had not had the baby yet (as am I!) But it really made my night special seeing them all! I love you girls (and leaders!) If you read this (i never know who reads my blog aside from family lol)

Oh, and I got my first Missouri Jury summons... boo, they want me to report with a one month old baby on my freaking ANNIVERSARY. So I am hoping they will accept my request for an exception.

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