Monday, October 26, 2015

Sunday, the day after the due date (no baby yet)

Sunday we went to church in the Enterprise while Shane took Serenity (our cars are named after sci-fi space ships). We did this because Shane was called (practically that same morning) to be ward clerk for the bishopric in our ward (for those of you who do not know much about Mormon church life, this is a BUSY calling, he has to be on top of things church-wise, kinda like a secretary) and had to stay late to catch up on what exactly the job entails! It is a much more difficult and busy and involved calling than he has ever had before, but I sustained him and I know he is a great choice for the job. I just hope I can help him and support him as much as he needs me to considering we will have a newborn to handle very soon and even though it was literally the day after my due date, I think it is pretty good timing. It was (as usual) a beautiful thing to listen to him get set apart in his new calling. Those prayers always give me a sense of strength and a spiritual closeness to God. I really feel confident in the Lords choice after I hear what they say. It strengthens my testimony of the Lords choice in the men giving the blessing, that they really are speaking from Heavenly Father to us. It's just... beautiful. And if you so feel inclined, we would appreciate any prayers or happy thoughts for our ever changing and growing lives that we can stay sane and get through it in one piece!

Emmalily did my hair for church! Mostly because Shane wouldn't let her do HIS hair... but I like it. Especially when someone at church mentioned that I looked like Pocahontas!! 

After church we made it for the end of the fall festival and surprisingly there was a lot of fun left to be had! We saw the juggler, got balloon animals and even had a taste of some chili and played in the bounce house (well, the kids did, not me!)
These are just some of my awesome neighbors! It was funny, Nephi saw the photos on Facebook of the fall festival and had an epiphany, "Hey Mom, this is the first time we have lived in a neighborhood without any crappy neighbors!" Hahaha yeah kiddo, we got lucky this time around! It is pretty easy to run into some "interesting" folks in student housing, though we made a lot of good friends there too! (Friends that I miss a LOT and wish all of them would move to the Midwest!)

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