Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feild Trip SUCCESS!!!

We went to the Centennial Heritage Museum in Santa Ana on Friday!!
Its a museum inside the Kellogg house showing how life was in the Victorian era in Orange County!
One of my favorite eras, for beauty and simplicity if nothing else.
The kids were absolutely AMAZING during the tour. it was a small tour (just our family! we were the only ones there!) They were quiet and listened for the most part, and it was fun because after the tour guide explained about each room we were able to walk around and touch most of the stuff! the kids talked to each other on the actual still working old timey telephones!! And they got to play with some toys. They played the pedal organ and the piano and used the washboard and the clothes dryer (i dont know what its called, the thing you put the clothes in and crank it and it squeezes the water out, brain fart.)
This homeschooling thing is going pretty good so far, even though I failed on Thursday and ended up not doing any schoolwork until evening.... der. Thus the beauty of schooling at our own pace.
Pics are on Shanes phone, I will upload ASAP.

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