Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life in the past week...

Has been, how can I put this best? Busy. Thats it I think.
February has been full of all kinds of excitement, but this last week has gone by so slowly, I can not even believe that March isn't half over yet!
I would have to say that it is probably mostly due to the fact that I am now homeschooling my older two (out of four) kids.
I still don't know if I like it yet. I love it at some times and yet, I have developed an eye twitch...
That's not a good thing, in my book.
Its a wonderful free feeling that I decide what to teach my son and when. Although I am constantly concerned that I am not teaching him what he needs to pass 2nd grade in California.
Most of the second grade curriculum he already knows, although we are still working on states and capitals. He is a very advanced reader, advanced in math, science is above average. the only things he really needs help with are penmanship and behavior (following directions, being respectful to peers and adults, etc.).
Following directions is the hardest thing to do, for anyone!! Most adults I know don't even do that. Nephis first grade teacher told me that he needed to show respect to her, I told her that respect is earned. Kids aren't going to respect you if you don't show them respect, and frankly I understand that. I have to be respectfully strict with Nephi if I want him to behave. Not every teacher is going to bother doing that with him, they are going to do their own thing. That's fine, just don't come complaining to me when he doesn't respect you and follow your directions, because its your fault, not mine.
Okay, enough venting!
Basically I have been evaluating Nephis progress and figuring out what he needs to work on. I am also doing this with EmmaLily.

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