Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cubscout Campout

I took the kids camping this past weekend on my own!! Since it is finals week next week Shane couldn't come because he had to study for crazy finals and work on projects all due between Monday and Wednesday.
I really do not know what I was thinking doing this, probably that I couldn't stand staying inside the house by myself with the kids all weekend, I should have just stayed home or went to my moms house but instead I chose to go to a campout with a bunch of VERY "OC" type of people, if you know what I mean.
I am telling you, by the end of Saturday on that (less than)two day camping trip I was so ready to just just slap the hell out of someone that I had to leave as soon as I woke up on Sunday morning!
Here are only a few of the things that went terribly wrong...

  1. I had to go without Shane.
  2. My only friend in the whole pack wasn't able to make it :(
  3. I was one of the only moms who even camped out.
  4. I started my period a few hours after I got to the camp ground.
  5. My phone died on Saturday morning even after I charged it on Friday afternoon and had it on airplane mode.
  6. I forgot my camera.
  7. I couldnt go on the hikes with Nephi because I had to keep an eye on slowpoke toddler cuties. Which I didn't really mind all that much.
  8. Our den leader (and cub master) has NO people (communication) skills.
  9. The tiger den leader ended up taking over the leading of events, this guy is a real annoying character, ill tell you about him at the end of the list!
  10. Each den had to supply their own provisions, we didn't have to last year.
  11. Our den was the only one not eating as a group!! So I was totally on my own with the feeding of my four children. (good thing my kids are cute and good moochers!)
  12. I slept in a tent in 40 degree weather with an 8 month old and a 2 year old, not to mention a 4 yr old who still needs pull-ups at night!
  13. Nephi was continuously injuring himself.
  14. Those boys were not being watched very carefully by the grownups in charge of them, yet I always saw someone yelling at Nephi.
  15. Having gone on this camping trip we missed the pancake breaky at Verano and the garageless sale (which I Was looking forward to since I had missed the LAST one!!)
  16. Having gone on this camping trip we missed the family expo and fair at the Irvine great park!!
  17. Having gone on this camping trip we missed seeing my little sister in a St. Patricks day parade in Huntington Beach(or Hermosa, I don't remember)
  18. After taking down the (still wet) tent and packing everything single handedly, missing the announcements in the morning and leaving before the awards ceremony so that we could get to church on time, I got all the kids and stuff successfully into the car and the second drove out of the parking lot I got a sick feeling in my stomach. The kind where I knew I had to go to the bathroom very soon.
  19. When I got home I had to run.
  20. I couldn't go to church sick. I work with the babies in the nursery!
  21. I didn't have enough time to call someone to tell them I couldn't make it to nursery...
  22. Shane didn't take the kids to church without me, I fell asleep as soon as I was done in the bathroom :(

Well, that merely sums up our horrible weekend.

I didn't need this, I should have stayed home. But now I appreciate being home... so that was a good thing to get out of it. I mean I REALLY appreciate being home!!!

I love Shane

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Anonymous said... sorry to hear!! I'm SO glad to be out of OC :-) Hang in there hun!!