Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slacking Off 101

Thats the name of the class I am teaching my kids now. Ima jus' kiddeeng! (only my closest friends from high school will get that joke, and they don't even read my blog!)

Yeah I slacked off a couple of days this week. I feel like I dont have time to do anything anymore, since we started homeschooling. I need a break!

I'm just dying to go visit my sisters, and a few friends, in Portland, Oregon. We had planned to fly out there for spring break but evidently the airlines found it prudent to hike up the costs of two way tickets. So instead of paying $800 to go to Portland, I thought we could shell out $350 to just drive. BUT, Shane doesn't want to spend a "cumulative drive time of four days" during our 9 day break. I told him that it doesn't have to take four days, we can drive really fast and switch off!!
Honestly, I have been wanting so much to go on a road trip, pretty much my whole life, and every time I get close to the chance someone else decides to be selfish and then I don't get what I want. I don't ask for much, I'm very low maintenance. This is important to me and will mean a great deal.

Anyway, a few days ago I didnt feel like doing class, so we went to the park and just hung out. It felt GREAT!! And by the time we got home I felt like going over some homework with Nephi and had him finish some reading, so it wasn't a complete wasted day anyways.
Then grampa came yesterday so I let the kids play all day, then he came again today! which was awesome, but we got some schoolwork in before he showed up so that was good, then they played at Castle Park in Irvine from noon to three thirty! When we got home, Shane was there and he and his dad chatted, then Grampa had to go. The babies had nap, I made a delicious dinner of pesto chicken (from trader joes) seasoned sauteed asparagus and brown rice! then Dad had to go study for finals, yuck! I gave the kids a bath, got them in their jammies, had them brush their teeth, and read them books until they fell asleep! It was altogether a really good week! Plus Grampa has the whole week off so he is coming again tomorrow! Those kids are so spoiled, they have to be the luckiest kids in the world to have so many people to love them.

Lesson of the day: Slacking off is great, if you do it right!


Kirsten said...

I love that willow pic...adorable. I'd eat her to pieces of Annabelle hadn't already tried!

Sarah said...

Thats hilarious! I love sleeping babies, she fell asleep swinging! so sweet