Monday, October 3, 2011

What is up?

So this Fall I started two classes at our local city college!
i still have our two little ones at home so it has been a challenge to find baby sitting and study time. especially since one of my classes is a self paced math class. i will probably fail, yay optimism!
anyway, the other class is a basic english class, and i feel like such an idiot in it. i dont know how to write an essay and i dont even know what a thesis statement is!

why did i go back to school?!!

oh yeah, to get smert.

besides that we have had a few crazy adventures as the seasons transitioned.

Shane and I visited Shannon and Connor in Tempe!

The Coffins

a beautiful dessert sunset
We got to do a session at the Mesa Temple! so beautiful, i cant wait to see all the temples in the world! thats one of my goals.


Saturday Market in Portland. Hanging out with Mom, Kat and Kadee
Sorry, Portland, we had to leave! You try to stay weird without me and my mom, okay?

The Portland Temple!♥ its like a castle in the woods!♥♥♥
Mike and Deanna 9/23/11

Oh and I know what youre thinking, "I thought you were in Oregon, why is it so sunny?"
Well, I took the sun from California with me for a couple of days, until Sunday when Oregon cried because we were leaving. I got a video of it.

Oh and we saw my sisters friends band at Saturday Market and i took a video of them play a song, it was fun!

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