Monday, October 18, 2010

People are stupid...

Is it just me or did everyone notice that people are stupid?

So Nephi and this one girl at school do not get along very well, mostly the girl. Nephi has said that he wants to be friends with her but she isnt very nice and just tries her hardest to make Nephi mad.
Today at the playground after school, Nephi and most of the kids on the playground were throwing sand at each other, they made sides and had it be a sort of mini war. That is totally normal, right? i mean do you not remember being a kid?
Well, i told Nephi to stop throwing sand, because i just KNEW that some bratty kid was going to come crying about it because theres always someone who does that (even though they were also throwing sand)
It just so happened that Nephi threw sand at this little girls brother, whose mother also saw. This mother and I have a very short but negative history. (at the beginning of school her daughter threated to kill Nephi, so i took it to the principal after confronting her about it and her blowing it off)
She came up to me and told me all about how my child targets her kids and blah blah blah. NO, im sorry but ive watched them play a lot more than she has, and my child doesnt target hers, their feud is a two way street my good woman! (which basically i told her and she buckled)
I told her it was absolutely unacceptable that Nephi threw sand at her little boy, especially because i had just told him NOT to! But i should have told her to shove it.
I really felt like punching her in the face!
She started going off at Nephi telling him to stop chasing her kids and what not, so thats when i totally told her that her kid was egging Nephi on. BEEOTCH! Pardon my french...

Anyway, she said that Nephi needs to stay away from her kids for at least six months and then they can try to be friends again.


Because Ive seen this. Only the mean kids parents have said this to me. Nice kids always have to deal with crappy people. Thats why they are humbled and NICE.
Correct me if im wrong (although if you try to, then you will be wrong) but it doesnt seem to me that kids will like each other if they arent anywhere near each other.

Distance only makes the heart grow fonder if those people LIKED each other in the first place!!!



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