Friday, November 12, 2010


It seems that my last post was a little bit of a downer so I will have to make up for that by posting all the things of which i am grateful for in my life!

  1. Shane - not only is he my husband, he is my best friend, the best friend i have ever had. i love him, respect him, and i see so much possibilities in him even if he doesnt yet. we are so connected in such a special way that it is near impossible to explain with words. at times i am sure we can even hear each others thoughts. he sometimes acts as though he can not understand what i mean by something but i know he can, hes just testing me ;) I love you Shane
  2. University Park Ward (formerly Harbor Hills Ward) - i am grateful for our church of jesus christ of latter day saints, all over the world, but there is a special place in my heart for this particular ward. without them we may have become inactive. Because of this ward our family is forever. The bishops and relief society presidents of this ward listened to the spirit when it told them not to overlook us. even though there are a thousand people in this ward, they saw us and made us feel loved and welcome.
  3. Nephi - I got to spend a special night out with this little guy tonight! we had so much fun just being together. I love him so much, he is one of my very best friends! the talents he has are phenomenal! his options and potential are endless!! i really really hope that someday he can see that. I want him to know that he can do or be anything that he sets his mind to.
  4. EmmaLily - This little girl is the best big sister that anyone could ever ask for. not only is she responsible and loving, she is also fun! she might not always be that way with her own friends but she is with baby sister!♥
  5. Elijah - This little guy is a handful right now but i couldnt have asked for a better kid, he is so obedient, even when he doesnt want to be (i can tell!!!) He loves his siblings and his parents so much. if we are ever sad he runs and gives us kisses! He bandaged his baby sisters owie, even though it was already healed, hahaha! He has the best sense of humor, only he doesnt know it yet!! He makes me laugh EVERY DAY. I couldnt live without him!
  6. Willow - This is my redhead! my mischievous, adventuresome, pippi longstocking, freckle face strawberry girl! She keeps me on my toes! just when i thought that Heavenly Father cut me some slack, he drops this angel on my doorstep. Got to love her. She has the biggest prettiest smile. She hugs you when your sad, blows you kisses, then slaps you in the face, laughs at any fart noise and falls asleep at exactly 830 pm. i love her with all my heart!
  7. Mom and Dad - Even though they are immature and can drive me nutty, my parents are the best. They will come running to help me when ever i need them to. They obviously love each other to no end, i feel thats a good example, even if my mom can be a bit shallow about it at times. They do what they can to make us happy, they have always kept up fed and clothed and clean, even during the longs months my dad didnt have a job. I learned everything i know about parenting from what they did and didnt do. I love you mom and dad, even though you probably wont read this because you dont know what a blog is.
  8. My Sisters and Brothers - They have been there since i was born, some came after. They were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, they were there to make fun of me when i did something stupid. They humbled me, they loved me, and i love them.

Im sure there are more things i am thankful for. i will add another post later this month when I think of them!

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