Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting ready for Halloween!

Ive almost finished decorating!
and its only the first week october, i know, but so many other people began in september, i have to catch up!! Hahaha.
ill post picks once im done!

this year we are going to be characters from Harry Potter for halloween!
Nephi is going to be Harry
EmmaLily is going to be Hermione
Elijah will be Draco
Willow will be Ginny
Shane will be Snape
And I am going as McGonagall
ive got everything planned and all i need to do now is go find a giant skein of black fabric that is very cheap, green silver gold and maroon yarn for very cheap, and iron on transfer paper for very cheap! and other unnamed bits and pieces that i can find easily around for not all that much.
Im very excited about this because im actually going to do it!! im actually going to sew our costumes! from scratch!! no purchasing overpriced target costumes for us!
wish me luck!