Friday, September 3, 2010


It's weird how it seems as though Shane and I take turns having friends.
It seems as though, when I get invited to do something with the girls i get invited to one thing after the other, then there's a dry spell. And now Shane has been going out at least two times a week with his guy friends. Now that he started surfing hes had a ton more play dates, I think it's because the guys at church now realize he isn't 100% math guy. :D

I'm so happy for him, but at the same time its sort of sad how my friends (the wives of his surfing buddies) don't seem to take that much time out of their lives to just hang out like that, go play a sport or go out to the movies. It's bad enough that the church stopped having enrichment monthly. now our social life is destined to diminish because moms usually concentrate on being moms!!

Or am I completely wrong and you moms out there just go have fun and don't think to invite me along??? Hahaha.... nah, I'm too awesome for that.

And then there are times when I am sad that so many friends I have made along the way have moved, lost touch, or just plain don't want to talk to me anymore.
What do I do with that?
I have never in my life gone this long without a best girl friend who I can go talk to and hang out with and share and love like a sister and trust with my feelings and all that girly menstruation crap.
I need a good friend I can do these things with so I can stop taking my feelings out on facebook and blogger!!!
Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions, or experience on this subject?

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Kirsten said...

I know what you mean... but let me know when you want to hang out. We're usually not doing much, but just too lazy or not with it to make the effort to get out or plan something!