Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Self Sustainable Living

What does it really mean?
I'm getting closer to accomplishing this. Last weekend we, the Ryersons, have finally received a garden plot from the Verano housing garden association (or whatever its called)
So, I started some internet research on how to grow certain fruits and veggies that I want. Well, it turns out that I could have just been growing them on my balcony the whole time! Boy, did I feel like such a bum for not having thought of this!! I mean, I had herbs and Aloe Vera and lavender and daffodils, but it never even occurred to me that I could have been growing strawberries from a tower on my porch!?!?!
I suppose I never really thought of it because, here in California, even people who live in apartments have some sort of land they could use. But now I know that there are people out there who don't even have an inch of dirt to plant anything in. There is just concrete for miles! so what do they do for cheap produce? They have planters on their roofs and balconies!! Its pure genius!!
Now I know that some of you east coasters might be laughing at me, but you have to understand; I have never lived away from the southern California coast. I have never even traveled past the Mississippi river!! And searching the internet has broadened my horizons! It has opened up my mind!! The possibilities of the internet are endless, people of the world!!!
sorry, i got carried away...
Anyway, now that I have this wonderful newfound perspective on gardening (and life as we know it), I will use it to my advantage and double the produce intake. I will grow berries and herbs from my balcony, and veggies in my garden!
This is gonna be FUN!
I'll keep you posted...

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Kirsten said...

way to be an inspiration...we're on the waiting list, but you're right, I really should be doing something on the porch...we should have a conversation about this!