Monday, October 29, 2012


                     Trunk or Treat!

       Everyone likes Halloween! Getting candy, dressing up, EATING CANDY.... I guess someone liked it so much, that they decided to do it with cars. For the one that went to, I dressed up as Link.

         It was pretty easy to make the costume, but at the same time hard. Almost everyone commented on it. Even my hair! it looked JUST LIKE HIS(I have no idea how he gets his eyebrows over his hair)! When we went outside to trunk or treat, I started at my car, got some pretty good ones, and went to the next car. after I said trunk or treat, the person asked me if I wanted a trunk or a treat. I said, " Ummm...... Triiick... No, trunk... Wait... Treat?" So she just gave me a hot wheels.
           So I kept going on, even though I was very confused. I went around about two more times, and once I got to the car with the "trunks", I said treat this time. I got enough candy, so i just went inside and played(run around, play tag, chuck candy that we don't want at girls, etc.).
            And in no time at all, it was time to go home, and i was already finished with quite a lot of candy.

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