Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So i know there really isnt all that much to update on but i just thought it would be a good idea anyway!

shane has to study constantly for his qualifying exams that hes going to be taking in about a month... ugg. well he doesnt really study constantly, but its more than i need him to! his birthday is tomorrow, and we conveniently "ran out of money" for the rest of the month! although it may be his was of making sure i dont spend anything... we also coincidentally ran out of minutes on our phones as well. suspicious? or horrible at budgeting? you be the judge.

i am still pregnant for what seems like the last two years. although im only about 7 months along, due july 10th! getting excited and a little bit sad, sad that i usually enjoy pregnancy but this one has been H-E- double hockey sticks. i mean its not like it was a cake walk with the others but its really making them seem like they were!! i swear i had almost zero discomfort with nephi. emmalilys was a little worse, only sciatic nerves being pinched once in a while and i couldnt eat meat for some reason. elijahs was the one where i gained the most weight and my sciatica got worse. with this one i am actually gaining the least amount so far (knock on wood) but im having sciatic nerve attacks (or whatever people call them) every single day, and if i walk too much my legs throb in pain and i cant move my hips without them also throbbing in pain. oh yeah and i have to chase a 15 month old everywhere i go!

nephi had a special program at school he was in all decked out in his scout uniform, and his open house today! it was great! ive got some pics but its so hard to upload them on here, if you want to see them they are most likely going to be on my facebook page, (hopefully that link works!)
besides all that fun stuff, his teacher wants to talk to me about his "behavior" she makes it sound like my kid is the only kid in the history of children to ever have misbehaved at school. i swear that woman needs that stick pulled straight out of her! chill out and loosen up a bit.

emmalily is getting more and more anxious for her "baby princess" to come! shes so excited about having a sister! i love it. she needed a sister so bad. she is also in diar need of a preschool!! and the thing that sucks is we cant afford ANYTHING and here in irvine that normally isnt going to fly. we will keep searching though, its near crucial at this baby #4 point in my life that emmalily has someplace she can go to wind down and get away from crazy babies and mommies for a couple of hours a week, poor thing. she needs to be in a learning environment as well, especially if she is going to get ready for kindergarten next year.

elijah is so cute and so smart and growing so much everyday!! he looks and acts like such a big boy! hes running everywhere! he LOVES shoes, and cats, and music! needs soooo much attention. hes saying so many words now. i think hes up to at least ten by today! he repeats us all the time in his own little baby language, i love it! he is getting better and better at communicating what he wants and needs, elijah gave shane a fresh diaper when he pooped in the one he was wearing! i think he knows hes gonna have baby sister, or he acts like he knows whats going on, i know it hasnt quite sunk in yet but hes definitely got a clue. i cant wait to see how he acts with his baby sissy, he loves babies soo much. hes always trying to hug and kiss and feed other babies at church and playgroup! he also loves his bedtime routine! after dinner he plays a little and then ill say, "bath?" and he says,"BAP!" and runs straight for the bathroom and tugs on his diaper! then after he plays in the water for five minutes he likes to trick me by standing up and holding his arms up and then when i bring the towel over to him he shrinks back down into the tub really fast and busts up laughing!! its soo adorable i cant help but laugh myself! then we put jammies on and read a quick story and i bring him into the bedroom, the light has to be off or it wont work out, i kiss him good night and say, "night night, baby" and sometimes he blows me a kiss sometimes not, but he always lays down in my arms and i put him in his crib and put the blanket on him and he lifts his arms up so they can be on top of the blanket and he immediately shuts his eyes. its the best in the world. i swear i live for his bedtime routine.

and finally the fetus! shes doing great! perfectly healthy, on the bigger side as usual but im not worried, all my kids measured bigger at first, thats what they do! i get big really fast and then grow pretty slowly after the huge pop out growth spurt that happens around the fifth month!! which isnt so bad actually. shes moving a LOT. i can see her little legs swish from side to side in my belly! its so fun to watch as long as she isnt jabbing me real hard. which she has been doing way more than the others did! but i love it, it means shes healthy!

well i better go off to bed! im exhausted!!! as usual...

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Briana said...

So what was the official length of labor? You still have really short labors! Thanks for sharing, and Congratulations!