Friday, April 11, 2008

EmmaLilys 3rd Birthday!

Hooray! three years old already! well officially it was a week ago, on April 4. our little princess is growing up! and a little princess she is,"a batman princess!!" says EmmaLily, herself. My gift to her was a homemade batman dress. she loved it! she also loved the toys daddy got, and the book gramma mary got her, the color wonder finger paints grampa kevin got her (mommy loved that one too!) and the porcelain dolls gramma sharon and grampa steve gave to her!
i wish with all my heart that we had photos of her birthday dinner. our camera is broken and so i had emailed and asked everyone to bring cameras to take pics. well everyone owns a camera and no one brought one. nice. grampa kevin had a tiny little pocket digicam, so he took a few pics and im waiting for them to come via email. so when/if they come i will post them.
its so frustrating not having a camera. especially with a newborn. Elijah is already over two months and hes getting so big and chubby and cute i want to post pics so bad. i want to HAVE pics so bad. arrg.
i will figure out how to get the phone pics on the comp so then we will at least have those!

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