Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just Another Week

Hi everyone!
updates on Ryerson family!

Nephi is 5 years and 8 months now and has been doing great in kindergarten lately, I'm so proud of him! At the beginning of the school year he was acting up a lot and cause trouble with teachers and students. but ever since we have been doing this sticker chart with him and keeping up with rewards, he has shown great behavioral improvement.
oh and he Loves being a big brother now!

EmmaLily is now 2 years and 9 months old and has been doing better at potty training (we have been going at it since august 2007!!). She only pees at night now, so we put pull ups on her, but I just don't know how to get her to stop peeing the bed :(
She has been so good at memorizing her favorite books! She also draws a lot and has recently been able to draw faces, with a head, eyes with pupils, a mouth, and she just started adding hair and arms and legs today (or at least I've noticed it today).

Elijah is 2 weeks old today! He just had his first bath today. He also went to church for the first time as well! He looked so cute in his little church outfit! Well you can see for yourself when I add pics to this entry.
It was so cute, when he finished nursing tonight and fell asleep he was on my lap and laughed while he was dreaming! I wish I could read his mind so I could see what was so funny to a human who has only been on this planet for two weeks!

I love my kids.

As for me and Shane, well...
Shane has been hard at work the past two weeks studying for finals! Grr, the two weeks he had off for paternity leave from his job, he still had to go to school!! It was okay though, because my ward is awesome and I had my peeps helping me out big time!

Anyways, as for myself, I gave birth two weeks ago and it was so amazing, as you may have read in my last entry. the first week was a little tough, still fresh wounds and healing. but the end of the second week i felt much better! I took EmmaLily to playgroup at the park on Friday and stayed the whole time till we picked up Nephi from school! Then I was able to shopping at Costco for the first time with Baby and Nephi (didn't have to bring EmmaLily cause she was at home with daddy helping to do the dishes! i love them!)

Thanks for tuning in folks, more boring family news to follow shortly!

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