Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Her Name Is...

Today marks our new baby girls one week birthday.
She is so tiny still, she is wearing premie size diapers and is swimming in her 0-3 month clothes! Even her adorable little newborn size tunic and leggings are a little big on her! Hopefully that means she will wear those cute clothes longer :-)
It is not abnormal for us to have taken this long to decide on a name. We took exactly one week to choose both EmmaLily and Elijah's names.
We like to choose names that are different, not family names, try not to have any sentiment to them, names that are from the bible or nature or both, names that will not be too easy to mock. Our name choosing process has been difficult because for the most part Shane and I do not tend to agree on names we like. There is always a way for either of us to find some fault with one name or another. Then we make the mistake of talking to other people about the names we are thinking of... ;-)
The point being, it is not an easy or simple process for us!
After much deliberation we have finally decided on her name!

Waverly Eve Ryerson


pattilee9 said...

Beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

Cynthia said...

So beautiful!! Congratulations, you guys! ♥

Jennifer Garrett said...

Love it!

Rachel said...

I absolutely love it!!! Your children have amazing names. You can tell a lot of thought went into them and I love it! They're beautiful, and Waverly's is no exception <3

aunt choody said...

Sweet name for a sweet baby!