Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fine, Jackie Im updating my blog!!

Hi everyone!
it has been over a year now since my last blog!!
my life has been crazy ever since i found out that we were moving to Irvine!
let me give you a little preview of the craziness, then you will understand why it is a requirement for me to be more laid back than the average Joe!

may 2007 shane found out that we were moving to irvine to go to uci, about a week later i found out i was pregnant even though we had been using protection, SURPRISE!
july 2007 we made the move from goleta santa barbara, where i had a moving party for people to come help us move and no one showed up- except for my two good friends sarah and dagnne (thanks guys!) then shane left with nephi in the truck around dinner time to stay at my parents house overnight before going t our new verano place apartment. i stayed behind with my brother and sister and two year old emmalily to clean my apartment. my siblings left around midnight, i was up cleaning until 3am and had to be out of there that night, only i had no where to sleep because the ucsb student housing kicked us out a day before we had our uci apartment! so we were literally homeless for a whole day. dont ask me why i hate ucsb student housing.
august 2007 nephi starts kindergarten! registration was such a disaster. i went there with most of my info i just needed to print a few things out and the website where you preregister said that i could take a password to the registration office but when i got there the lady at the front was giving me a real hard time and basically telling me the opposite of what the website told me to do. two weeks later i saw that same woman in relief society! how ironic.
september 2007nephi starts kindergarten a day late because of the registration problems! yay! and the teacher wastes no time in letting me know how much of a behavior problem my son has, *sigh* the rest of the school year is gonna be a blast of excitement...
december 2007 so i throw myself a birthday party near the 1st of december, to get to know some of the neighbors, since im new to the hood still. it was fun, people showed up and we had a great time chatting and making friends! that night im so stressed out and shane is not helping me clean up and just goes to bed. meanwhile i cant clean up and get the kids to sleep on my own, its past midnight and emmalily still wont go to sleep. totally fed up, i walked out the door and drove to my parents house in LA. the next day i have to go to my friends baby shower (in LA) so i get up and get ready to go. then my mom insists on driving me because my car is crapping out. so of course im late getting there, then i have to get a ride home because my mom didnt want to stay. so i try to go home, back to the OC, that night. but since my mom took the car to get looked at she wont let me drive it since the stupid mechanic told her to get it fixed before it goes on the freeway again, obviously he would because hes trying to get business! uggg. so ive got no car, my sister comes to pick me up with the car she is borrowing from my moms friend who lives out of the state. since that is the only car now, it is my responsibility to drive my sister to work and back if i want to be able to use it to pick up my son from kindergarten!! it is now december 4th, the night before my birthday, shane is late coming home from school and i start contracting pretty regularly. it starts while im making dinner around 6pm. im scared because my pregnancies are not usually risky ones. shane gets home at midnight and im still contracting. so he takes me to the hospital and they say im going into early labor, which is weird for me. but when i thought about it i realized i had been under a lot of stress that week. so i wasnt too surprised. they gave me meds to stop it and sent me home!
the next day is my birthday, my moms to surprise me, which is really nice! but then shane texts me about having to stay all day and night because of finals!! then my sister texts me and tells me she is taking me to the Spice Girls reunion concert in LA that night!! so off we go... then we get back around two or so in the morning, i walk in the house a step on the kitten, poor thing, i almost twist my ankle as i fall on my but. Shane is sleeping on the couch, and im trying to get him up to get the kids out of the car. he had sprained his ankle so he couldnt get the sleeping kids out of the car!!! i was so upset i started crying. my sister went and got them! ugg, what else happened that week, i believe it was only wednesday... i know the car i was using did die a couple of times.
january 2008 my baby is due on the 27th, the doc says he will come closer to the 23rd, which sounded normal to me since my other kids were born one month (nephi) then four days(emmalily) early. yeah, no baby this month.
february 2008 so im complaining to my friend that i hadnt had the baby yet and my mom and sisters didnt throw me a shower or anything, so she says to invite all my friends over to my house and she will throw the shower for me! i thought, hey it couldnt hurt! it just so happened that the day she wanted to throw the shower for me was february 3rd, superbowl sunday. since it was sunday i didnt think many people would show up, and i was right but its okay! so the shower ended when the only guest that came went home! anyways, my mom and siblings were still here and i was putting baby stuff away around 7pm while my siblings and hubby watched the end of the superbowl. at approx 730 it hit me like a bolt of lightning. i went into labor just as i put away the last of the baby stuff! that day at church i had asked my home teachers to come by around 8pm to give me a blessing! since i didnt want to leave right away i was sitting in the living room laboring around 830 when they showed up and gave me a blessing! shane was rubbing my back and soothing me when he said, "just let me know when you want to go to the hospital" then when my next contraction came i had the strongest feeling that we should go. so we get to the hospital around 9pm and elijah is born around 950 or so! 10 days late and a two hour labor, cant win 'em all. good thing i didnt lose 'em all either!

so kindergarten goes fine for Nephi. EmmaLily reverts back to toddler stages. cant potty in the toilet and always wants to act like a "baby". yay. i get the baby blues, yet again. and life goes on a little nuts during the spring with birthdays and what not.

summertime comes with playgroup at the pool and beach days, Nephi keeps busy with kung foo classes. ends up hating them and quits. it was a scam anyway, stupid fake karate jerks!

then fall comes again with a new school year and a new teacher and a new set of problems... i will explain in a later post.... first grade.
Nephi joins cub scouts and i stupidly volunteer to be the den leader!
then all that crazy crap with prop 8 and the election. need i say more?
then once that is over and done with, not to mention while shane is going through midterms, i find out i am PREGNANT ALREADY!! fourth and final baby! we dont plan on telling anyone until after christmas, however.

anyways, before i knew it it was 2009 and now my belly is huge and i have a 1 yr old to hold still! as well as a 4 yr old to find a preschool for, and my son is almost 7, just one short year away from baptism! and on his way to earning his first complete year of cub scouts. the beginnings of yet a long stretch....

to be continued...

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michellep said...

Wow Sarah! I'm totally impressed that you could remember all that stuff. And secondly, you have some great writing skills. You should think about authoring a book titled "How to be a Laid Back Mama!"